Blog of the WeekBlogs Of the Week: January 13-18, 2013

I’m starting a new Saturday blog topic. I’m calling it Blogs of the Week—or BOW for short.

I love reading blogs. That fascinate me; inspire me; and often entertain me. They can challenge me and frustrate me. So, I will be posting a blog on Saturdays with links to some of the more thought-provoking, challenging and entertaining blogs of the past week that I read.

Obviously I don’t have time to read a majority of blogs. If you have a suggestion then leave a comment below or shoot me a tweet throughout the week if there is one you think I should check out. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking the link in the left hand column or just tweet me at my handle: @nathanmccallum

Now, without further ado… BOW for the week of January 13-18

Granted this blog was technically written on the 10th of January but I didn’t read it until this week so it still counts.

This blog was very encouraging as it’s written by a guy who was a homosexual and gave his life to Christ. The blog details an encounter he had with a gay-friend and how he was challenged to explain why giving up his gay lifestyle for a God honoring life in Christ would be beneficial not just eternally but also in this life. Good stuff!

This is a short blog regarding the struggle for many of us to see ourselves through God’s eyes. God’s love for people he has created is unfathomable. Sam Storms details a conversation with a woman who never felt her father’s love and now struggles to feel valuable in anyone’s eyes…especially the eyes of the One who made her. Sam’s most impactful statement to me was, “It has led me to a simple but startling conclusion: what makes life livable is enjoying the joy that comes from knowing that you are enjoyed by God.” Beautiful story!

This is more or less a very short introductory blog regarding some who see that Jesus and Paul were preaching two different gospels—or at least two different things. Jesus was focused so much on Kingdom talk and life as a disciple and Paul (seemed to) talked more about theology. Yet, the two go hand-in-hand. No doubt, if you were to tell Paul that he was telling a different story than Jesus Paul would have rebuked you. Nonetheless, it seems tha t in the evangelical world we may be headed to a dividing point between what Jesus spoke of and what Paul said. Let’s hope and pray not! But let’s not put our heads in the sand either.

As I stated in the beginning feel free to leave comments. Let me know how this blogs impacted you! Also, let me know of an impactful blog that I might have missed out on this week.

Grace and Peace.